Monumental Kennels
South African Boerboel     SABT/SABBA #2320

The Monumental crew out for a ride to the park.
Monumental Judo here at 3 months old.
Kaiya and Bishop pup Judo here at week 7.
Monumental Polo
Polo is shown here at 11 months old and weighing 170lbs. Read about him on Males & Females page along with couple of other new additions to the kennel.

Guardians and Companions

Monumental Kennels are internationally known and respected. We have bred the South African Boerboels for more than twelve years and have much respect, knowledge and experience with this breed. We specialize in only the South African Boerboels.

Breeding Boerboels for more than a decade.

Monumental Kennel's mission is to breed and produce boerboels that are distinctive in their own right. Having a look and build with a character that stands alone. When you see a Monumental Boerboel, you will know, that it is a "Rare and Exotic Boerboel".

Monumental boerboels produce some of the most sought after puppies internationally and in the USA. They are derived from the best bloodlines in South Africa.


Here at Monumental Kennels we strive to produce the highest standard of quality, consistency, and confidence in our boerboels for our customers.


"Our word is our bond and honesty is our policy".  

More updates and pictures soon to follow! 
Monumental Zobor